Psoriasis a chronic skin inflammatory condition that can appear anywhere in the body and is characterized by red, inflamed, and scaly lesions. The condition is caused due to the overproduction of skin cells, and the skin cannot properly shed the skin cells, which leads to the build-up of cells on the skin surface. The skin cells multiply at a very fast rate and build upon the skin surface and die and form patches that are sore, itchy, and painful. Genetic or environmental factors cause the condition.


Factors that trigger psoriasis

  • Stress
  • Smoke
  • Certain chemicals
  • Change in season
  • Infections
  • Poor diet
  • Cold weather
  • Drinking alcohol

At Dermapoint, we offer you with an extensive treatment plan for this uncomfortable skin disorder depending upon the type and severity of the condition with an aim to give you maximum period of remission and minimum recurrences. The treatment is tailor made for each patient depending on their disease process.