Skin tags are small, thin and narrow skin growth connected with peduncle. They are more common in people above 45 years of age. Skin tags generally occurs on the areas having skin folds like thighs, eyelids, chin, groin, neck, face and other. Skin tags are painless but bothering most of the times. At Dermapoint we provide an effective, scarless and painless treatment for skin tags depending upon their size and numbers.


The best and simplest treatment is to get it removed with the help of a radiofrequency machine or CO2 laser.


Why Dermapoint for best skin tag removal in Gurgaon

• Best technology

• Experienced hands

• Spotless treatment

• Minimum discomfort to the patient

• Minimum risk of recurrence


A small amount of risk of recurrence is always there in warts. Dr Shuchi Singla also has experience of treating many patients with extensive recurrent warts with newer techniques like immunotherapy and bleomycin injections successfully so that they do not occur again and again.