There are various factors which contribute to skin irritations, including heat, medications, infections and immune system disorders. When an allergen is accountable for triggering an immune system response, the irritation is an allergic skin condition. Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when skin comes in direct contact with an allergen.


For example, if you are allergic to nickel and your skin comes in contact with nickel-made jewellery, your skin may become scaly, itchy, swollen, and bumpy at the point of contact.


Several skin allergies and rashes cause itching, however, not all rashes that itch are related to skin allergies.


Allergy can appear in the form of:

  • Rashes: Red, itchy, inflamed skin
  • Eczema:  rough, dry, irritated, cracked, red, skin with oozing and/or blisters
  • Urticarias: The disease is commonly called hives. It is a skin rash with raised, red, itchy bumps

Diagnosis and treatment of skin allergy


A thorough history, examination, and at times certain investigations are required to find the root cause of allergy. Treatment aims at not only controlling the current episode but also to prevent future recurrences which are quite common.


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