Acne occurs when the glands in the skin generate excess oil, as a result of which the pores get clogged with it. The natural skin oils build up and create a favorable environment for the bacteria which grow inside the clogged pore. Mostly, the small pores develop into small bumps on the skin known as whiteheads. Larger pores usually develop into flat marks with a black dot in the center and are called blackheads. If the clogging is near the surface of the skin, it heals pretty well on its own. Although, when the clog is deep down, it can be destructive and take longer to heal. This clog may result in the bursting of the pore’s wall, and the secretions can destroy the skin tissue in the area around it. These deeper clogs destroy more skin tissues and are likely to become scars. When the clog clears, it becomes the body’s first priority to repair the damage like it would with any injury. The body produces new skin tissues to replace the destroyed ones. It may not be as perfect as the original skin. At times, the body produces excessive skin, which creates a raised scar. Sometimes the body produces too little skin, which creates small depression in the skin. These imperfect reconstructions of the destroyed tissue are known as acne scars.


The ideal way to prevent acne scars is by not disturbing the acne pimples. Popping the pimples worsens the damage and increases the chance of scarring. Medical treatments (topical applications) for acne can help prevent scarring. Treated clogged pores reduce the opportunities for scarring.


With the advent of advanced technology, it is now possible to improve the scars considerably  that they do not appear to be a cosmetic problem anymore. Various types of lasers like fractional CO2, ERBIUM YAG, ERBIUM GLASS, MNRF and instruments like dermaroller can be used to improve scar appearance


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