Eczema, also called dermatitis, is a dry skin autoimmune condition. It is a prevalent skin condition that can affect infants, children, and even adults, regardless of gender. The condition can be classified under exogenous or from environmental or external factors (like allergic contact dermatitis), and endogenous or from internal factors (like atopic dermatitis).


Eczema can be a troublesome and frustrating skin condition, regardless of whether it happens every day or a few times every year. It is recommended to consult an expert dermatologist and take an effective course of action to control the rash and itch. The treatment of eczema has four goals, to heal the skin, control the itch, prevent flares, and prevent infections. Deciding the correct treatment also depends upon the individual’s medical history, age, and symptoms. Generally, a combination of remedies is required to achieve the best results, and regular skincare is also required to keep the skin clear and healthy.


A thorough history, examination, and at times certain investigations are required to find the root cause of the problem. Treatment aims at not only controlling the current episode but also to prevent future recurrences which are quite common.


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