Birth marks or birth defects can be caused by a variety of reasons ranging from genetic inheritance to environmental factors to lifestyle.


For every type of birth marks and for any age group, we have in-house a spearhead Pulse laser therapy that results in faster shrinking of birthmarks, causing it to stop growing and ultimately vanish it from the skin. Our Laser therapy works effectively for high‐risk marks like infantile hemangiomas.


If birthmarks are not treated timely, port wine birthmarks can get deep in color and increase in size and depth with age. They can increase the chances of chronic infections, abrasion, ulcerations and circulatory problems. Some birthmarks go away completely by themselves while others do not.


There are four types of birthmark classifications:

  • Hemangiomas: These birthmarks develop in infants within a few weeks after birth. They are the most common type of tumors that are found in infants and usually occur around the head and neck. It may disappear within a few months but most of the times take years to fade or disappear.
  • Salmon Patches: Also known as macular stains, salmon patches are thin, light colored patches of discoloration which mostly appear on babies. They are most common on the upper eyelids or the back of the neck. Patches on upper eyelids mostly disappear after the first year while patches on the back do not.
  • Pigmentation Type Birthmarks: These include moles, coffee-cream and Mongolian spots. Coffee cream spots occur due to much pigment in the skin, but are not severe and hence do not require treatment or removal. Mongolian spots are generally blue to grey flat patches and fade on their own in the first few years of children lives. Moles usually pose no health risk; but may have cancerous effects later on in life.
  • Vascular Malformations: They are caused by abnormal development of blood vessels and are present from birth. These can be found anywhere on the body and do not disappear on their own.


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Birthmarks are spots on the skin that vary in shape, size and color.


They can appear anywhere on the skin and have been observed to pose health related risks, especially on the face or eyelids as they can be a sign of eye or brain problems. Dr. Suchi Singla is one of the top dermatologists in Gurgaon and provides birthmark removal treatment in his renowned skin clinic – Dermapoint.