Scared of facing the public because of that unsightly acne?


Acne is so far the commonest skin disease of adolescent age group but in recent years it has become extremely common in adults as well.


The skin has small holes called pores which may become blocked by oil, dirt, dead skin cells and  bacteria. Due to this, you may develop a pimple or a zit. It most commonly occurs on your face but can also occur on the neck, back, chest, and shoulders.


Not only are the lesions per se a cosmetic problem and in many cases painful but also leave permanent spots and scars.


So what is the solution?


Firstly, One must refrain from using over the counter creams and home remedies which generally make the things worse. A good daily skin care regime like washing your face twice daily with a anti acne face wash, using oil free products if at all, avoiding high glycemic index foods all go a long way in preventing frequent bouts of acne. Timely treatment of acne with an experienced dermatologist is a must.


How does acne present?


Acne refers to the pimples, blackheads and bumps which appear on skin because of excessive activity of sebaceous glands. It can present as comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.


What causes acne?


Some of the most important causes include hormonal changes during adolescence, PCOS in females, genetic tendency, diet, stress, pollution, topical applications on face, certain drugs and medicines


When should I see a dermatologist for acne?


The answer is as early as possible. Even the mildest acne can leave prolonged pigmentation and spots on your face. And attempts at using home remedies and over the counter treatments can keep making things worse. So timely consultation with a dermatologist to evaluate your skin thoroughly and find out the root cause of the problem in your case is important to chalk out a plan to treat the current episode as well as to prevent future recurrences.


Is there any permanent cure for acne?


The condition is successfully treatable with the latest advances in science and technology though recurrences can occur depending on risk factors.


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