Spending sleepless nights because of hair loss? Find out the causes and effective solutions here..


Hair plays an important role in enhancing your personality be it females or males. But, there are certain disorders which can lead to thinning of hair and hair loss causing great psychological distress.


The most important causes of hair loss are


Pattern hair loss in males and females where there is receding of the hairline along with thinning of the hair and baldness at the vertex. In female pattern hair loss, the hairline does not recede, but there is a diffuse reduction in the hair density over the central part of the scalp. Genetic predisposition is the most important factor for this kind of hair loss


Telogen effluvium which can be acute or chronic can be due  tonutritional deficiencies, drugs, thyroid disease, surgery, blood loss, pregnancy, hair procedures.


Alopecia areata or spot baldness is an autoimmune one which leads to generation of bald spots (most commonly on the scalp), but also the beard and eyebrows


Can I get back my lost hair?


Early diagnosis of the root cause and effective intervention is the key to prevent further hair loss


How is hair loss treated?


The treatment involves hair growth serums, tablets and if required procedures like mesotherapy, microneedling, PRP and hair transplant.


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